MANDATE: Collect, review and investigate UFO reports.
To research and release UFO news and information to the public. Mainly through social media channels. 

Moving into the future of Ufology. We offer a reporting centre. We take in UFO reports, investigate them and communicate closely with the witness regarding their report. At CNURC, we are also focused on facilitating UFO news and information that is happening now and reach people in the public domain via social media channels—visit our very active Facebook page. Looking at all aspects of Ufology, we at CNURC research everything from the ‘nuts and bolts’ science to the more fringe related topics. We keep our minds open and we’re hear to listen.

We are a group of group of UFO enthusiasts from all walks of life with different levels of interest from casual to serious that have researched and followed the topic for a lot longer. Several years ago we decided to bring our interest to the next level by forming a council and to use mainly social media to facilitate information in modern way. We want our organization to focus on Ufology from a Canadian perspective (much needed in our opinion) with a mandate to be professional, open-minded and serious.

We have been asked: Are we ‘National’? Well we do have connections out west, but we are mainly focused in the Southern Ontario Region as this is our home base. Our goal for the future is to keep evolving to a strong National presence. To have more trained investigators and become involved more in media.


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